Retail Store Assistant Manager Advice

Q: What is it like working as a Retail Store Assistant Manager?

Retail Store Assistant Manager in Dallas:
"Color scheme."
Take notes on opening and closing. Pay attention to paperwork detail. Be a team player and have excellent customer service.

Retail Store Assistant Manager in Katy:
Pros: My whole team, my work and my work appreciation which motivates me to do my best.
Cons: Low pay as compared to the job dutie and responsibilities.

Retail Store Assistant Manager in St. Louis:
"Stress level."
Pros: I like helping people. I like interacting with people. I like to manage. However, I feel like I am not adequately compensated for the amount of responsibility that I have, therefore my current stress level is through the roof. I am undervalued and underpaid.
Cons: Underpaid.

Retail Store Assistant Manager in Savannah:
"The hardest job youll ever love! A different job every day."
Pros: Helping customers every day, and playing a part in each employees life and future.
Cons: Not having enough time to spend with customers and associates- I must move to help the most customers, and listen to each associate- sometimes I cannot give the right amount of time to each.

Retail Store Assistant Manager in Oakbrook Terrace:
"Not quite the boss."
Pros: I love having the ability to get to know my sales associate, and someone above me to get in trouble when something goes wrong.
Cons: No ability to make big decisions in the store.

Retail Store Assistant Manager in Reno:
Check out the company first. Be sure of financial security.

Retail Store Assistant Manager in Lynchburg:
Pros: Meeting people from. All over the world.
Cons: The pay.