Retail Store Manager Advice

Q: What do you wish you knew about your job when you first started out?

Retail Store Manager in Warner Robins:
Don't get taken for granted and sell yourself short of pay.

Retail Store Manager in Wilmington:
"The ins and outs of Management."
Make sure you can multi-task and network well. Don't make a promise you cannot keep. Respect and inclusion will get you far in your career. Learn every day and have creative control daily.

Retail Store Manager in Delran:
It's a great experience but if the pay isn't good...know that you can do better with your experience.

Retail Store Manager in Fort Worth:
"Benefit details."
Invest time in your employees and training. Set long term goals for yourself and have a conversation with your district manager on your goals so you can get feed back. Research the company of interest so you choose a company that you can devote yourself to long term.

Retail Store Manager in Freeport:
"Where is this going."
Unless you are receiving an alternate income this is not the job for you.

Retail Store Manager in High Point:
"Always keep an open mind."
What I have learned in my years of corporate retail is that it is easy to get complacent after years of service especially when you are having a hard time making goals or quotas. The best advice I can give in these instances is to step outside of your own box and try to inspire your self to try new and creative ways to make your goals.... This not only is exciting and enjoyable to the staff but it creates a community of customers and staff alike who are excited to come to your store just to pay a visit sometimes which ultimately leads to more sales.....but the most important part of keeping an open mind is it always allows for a refreshing look on the Same issues we all face in corporate retail but it keeps you from becoming bitter defeatist and complacent which is the biggest store killer of all.

Retail Store Manager in Dallas:
"Salary expectation."
Negotiate your salary properly by making the correct researches and making sure you have good benefits.