Retail Store Manager Advice

Q: What do you wish you knew about your job when you first started out?

Retail Store Manager in Camden:
"How to run a succesful small retail store."
Be patient with customers. Never lose your temper. Know about the products that you sell, like which brand does the job better than another brand. Listen to what the customers are asking for and get it in the store. Always keep the merchandise and the store clean. Treat you employees with respect.

Retail Store Manager in Tracy:
"Always be on time."
Show up a half hour before opening and do the little things that makes the day, week, and month easier.

Retail Store Manager in Seattle:
"Perservence and listening are keys to success."
Consistency and fairness and flexibility will help you through the first learning year.

Retail Store Manager in Emporia:
"Human resource."
Communicate daily with your customers and staff.

Retail Store Manager in Florence:
"Start with the basics, after that you can improve on perfect."
In order to grow with the company you need to prove your worth. Make sure your career goals are known or the hardwork goes unnoticed by the people that can get you there.

Retail Store Manager in Noblesville:
"Upper management style."
Get a good understanding of their business plan.

Retail Store Manager in Morrisville:
"Resovlibng propblem with customers ordering from a company."
Looking for good team crew.