Retail Store Manager Advice

Q: What do you wish you knew about your job when you first started out?

Retail Store Manager in Hawthorne:
"The lack of business knowledge of the owner."
To be organized and listen to the employees and the customers. Information is key running a successful business. Take suggestions and consider them.

Retail Store Manager in Washington:
"Business Acumen, Luxury Brand Experience, Talking With Clientele Is A Must."
Research the company you are thinking about joining and always keep up with all current information posted concerning policies and procedures. Ask questions to those working in the company about the companies opportunities and successes, also ask about their positions and what opportunities and successes they've personally encounter with the company.

Retail Store Manager in Cincinnati:
Be calm and have fun.

Retail Store Manager in Naples:
"Benefits Relating To Hours Worked!"
Check everything, speak to previous manager if possible, ask for help from your regional director, any training manuals they have take them and STUDY them, don't be afraid to ask questions as this mutually benefits both you and your employer, your staff are not friends, you have to be in charge as ultimately you are responsible, lead by example be kind but firm.

Retail Store Manager in Sunrise:
"The workload."
Plenty of following up, when be ingredients promoted ask probing questions.

Retail Store Manager in Seattle:
"Its amazing how much brown nosing trumps hard work."
Go to school and work somewhere else.

Retail Store Manager in Charlevoix:
Absorb info and turn it into your own style.