Retail Store Manager Advice

Q: What do you wish you knew about your job when you first started out?

Retail Store Manager in Albany:
FIND A WAY TO LIVE LIFE AND WORK. Do not allow work to drive your life through a black whole. Never stop learning as much as you can and try to find work that you can be passionate about.

Retail Store Manager in Seattle:
"The company values no one."
Pros: The people are work with are mostly enjoyable.
Cons: Underpaid, overworked. They change their minds constantly. They expect so much, but give nothing in return.

Retail Store Manager in Howell:
"How much yearly raises were."
Make sure you find out what the company gives for yearly raises.

Retail Store Manager in Lancaster:
"I enjoy it very much. I learn something new everyday."

Retail Store Manager in St. Louis:
"Wish I knew the company was going to take the bonus incentiv."
To get everything the company is offering you put into your welcome offer letter.

Retail Store Manager in Tupelo:
"I make the door swing."
Have passion for what you sale, set goals higher than you are comfortable with, it is better to hire drive and ambition, rather than previous experience.

Retail Store Manager in Clinton:
"Deborah review."
Pros: Ever changing customers and challenge.
Cons: Corporate and district manager behavior toward store employees.