Safety Director Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Safety Director?

Safety Director in Danville:
"Good place to live and work."
Pros: Great community and cost of living is low.
Cons: Lack of development and progress is businesses and economics.

Safety Director in Boston:
"Fast paced and stressful."
Pros: Diversity and history
Cons: Traffic and rude people

Safety Director in Stockton:
"Stockton is a work in progress."
Pros: I don't have to commuter and it is a growing city!
Cons: Salaries tend to be less in this area.

Safety Director in Columbus:
"Growing City."
Pros: The multitude of construction projects in the city.
Cons: Traffic and parking.

Safety Director in Oklahoma City:
Pros: Atmosphere of the city and people
Cons: Traffic

Safety Director in Kansas City:
"That the previous Director had his own agenda."
Have an open mind when you start a new job, step back and observe the environment before changes are made. Change is always hard so baby steps employees and management will see your points and be more excepting.

Safety Director in Oklahoma City:
Pros: Good opportunities to network with other safety professionals. Ability to mandate what new training and policies are put into effect.
Cons: Long hours in the field. Sometimes gone during holidays and anniversaries.