Sales Associate Advice

Q: What do you wish you knew about your job when you first started out?

Sales Associate in Covington:
"I believe I deserve more pay than I am receiving based on my."

Sales Associate in Gaithersburg:
"That we are doing a favor to clients."
Dont think you need to sell your pruduct. Think how you can help your clients to find the right products for their specific needs by caring and responsible actions.

Sales Associate in Dallas:
"One thing at a time!"
Get a good nights rest. Arrive early to catch up on any unresolved issues from the day before. Keep a clean desk area. Read as much as you can about your field and industry. Learn from your associates on what to do or NOT to do.

Sales Associate in Slidell:
"Sales Associate Tips."
If you sell yourself, make small talk with ease to loosen up your client, and talk specs by reading them off google and putting it into practical context, you can be a sales person.

Sales Associate in Houston:
"Terrible Management."
I wish I knew more about my boss/manager. She is controlling, manipulative, and promotes poor customer service.

Sales Associate in Orange Park:
"How to maintain stress management."
Be prepared to speak to customers. Don't be afraid go admit you don't know something a guest ask you.

Sales Associate in Carmel:
"I was doing training in stores like sears a."
I good in folding an in like if a customer ask for an item. I will tell them where is at an to try it them self.