Sales Engineer Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Sales Engineer?

Sales Engineer in Chicago:
"Tough due to impending merget."
Pros: People that I work with and for
Cons: Tough selling due to Sprint network perception

Sales Engineer in Malden:
Pros: I don't.
Cons: Poor. Dirty. Traffic.

Sales Engineer in Raleigh:
"Raleigh Sales Engineer."
Pros: Traffic is doable. I like the size a lot. It is big enough with lots of parks and shopping to explore but it doesn't feel overcrowded, yet. In Raleigh you are 2 hours to the beach and 3 to the mountains. As far as a location, its pretty ideal. It's hillier than Charlotte and you get more snow than Charlotte.
Cons: The roads are really bad. You will be connecting on most if not all of your flights if you travel with work.

Sales Engineer in Raleigh:
"IT and business are booming in Raleigh, it's a worker's market."
Pros: Ample opportunity
Cons: Dangerous commuters, rising housing costs.

Sales Engineer in Richmond:
"Remote Work is Great In the City."
Pros: City is easy to get around and there is plenty to do.
Cons: Nothing

Sales Engineer in Naperville:
"Ensure customers use best equipment for application."
Pros: Working with people and machinery, using technology, seeing how things are made and being a part of that.
Cons: Knowing my customers and equipment.

Sales Engineer in Atlanta:
Pros: Plenty to do.
Cons: The traffic.