Sales and Marketing Coordinator Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Sales and Marketing Coordinator?

Sales and Marketing Coordinator in Middletown:
Pros: All aspect of my job are good. I love what I do.
Cons: Travel in bad weather is sometimes stressful.

Sales and Marketing Coordinator in Holly Springs:
Pros: Creating great results. Work relationships. Working with great people. Gaining knowledge.
Cons: Lack of board structure.

Sales and Marketing Coordinator in Indianapolis:
"An affordable city for young professionals."
Pros: It's very easy to live where you want and even buy homes in Indianapolis on a moderate salary. The growth of the tech and medical sectors is also helping the city to become more of a destination for food, music and travel.
Cons: The city doesn't have good public transportation options. Many of the neighborhoods are rather far apart. The city doesn't have much of an identity, but several sects.

Sales and Marketing Coordinator in Anniston:
Pros: Very relaxed work atmosphere. Felt like a family and could always go to the boss with concerns.
Cons: Your job description could change on a daily basis.

Sales and Marketing Coordinator in Nashville:
"I work from home."
Pros: I like the flexibility of working from home.
Cons: I don't actually live in Nashville. That is our headquarter location.

Sales and Marketing Coordinator in Boise City:
Pros: Nice weather and people.

Sales and Marketing Coordinator in Waco:
"The Strangest Desk Job."
Pros: Projects are not overflowing from the inbox. Problems are easily managed when they are caught. The office is sales-oriented, but normally friendly.
Cons: Most projects are listed as "ASAP", and when they do come in they come in large enough numbers to have at least two projects that will start later than the others. Office is sometimes toxic, as layoffs are seemingly random and at the detriment to the company. There is a long line to get anything approved to go out, even for simple items. If it is not approved all the way up and back down, then it is not able to go out. There is no room for advancement.