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The average pay for a School Counselor with Masters degree skills is $48,611 per year.

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MEDIAN $48,611

Job Description for School Counselor

School counselors are tasked with helping students achieve academic goals and personal, social, and professional development; they also help improve new students’ adjustments to school. Those who work in high schools may help students with college choices and serve as liaisons between students and college recruiters.


School Counselor Tasks

  • Communicate with students, identify obstacles to progress, and work together to overcome them.
  • Identify and communicate special needs and mental health challenges.
  • Consult with parents or teachers on appropriate strategies, communication methods, and obstacles.
  • Intervene in dangerous, challenging, or stressful situations to provide a peaceful, safe environment.
  • Listen to students and enable them to connect with support services, teachers, parents, and others.

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School Counselor Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a School Counselor?

School Counselor in South Bend:
"I value my career."
Pros: I love working with children and adolescents. I enjoy helping them learn to problem solve and creating a positive learning environment and to thrive academically and socially/emotionally.
Cons: I do not dislike anything about my job but I would prefer to be compensated more comparably to other school districts for my education and experience.

School Counselor in Philadelphia:
"Life in the City of Brotherly Love."
Pros: Born and raised in Philly, so I'm comfortable and well-versed in its neighborhoods and resources.
Cons: Education salary pay scales and city wage tax.

School Counselor in Detroit:
"Stressful but rewarding seeing students grow."
Pros: Being able to meet with students about different issues and never having the same say twice.
Cons: Can be challenging working with students and families that have no motivation.

School Counselor in Zion:
"LPC exam."
Take LPC exam immediately after graduation.

School Counselor in Trenton:
Pros: The students. The school. The staff.
Cons: The salary. The work load. Lack of leadership.

School Counselor in Phoenix:
Pros: I am respected, trusted, and looked up to by reachers, administrators, parents, and students. I empower people with the skills to improve their lives.
Cons: Teachers expect immediate improvement in students, students are often oppositional, and administrators tend to assign duties which are wildly inappropriate, but the main issue is that I do not have enough time to spend with each student.

Key Stats for School Counselor

1-4 years

Common Health Benefits

medical benefits
Medical: 83%
dental benefits
Dental: 67%
vision benefits
Vision: 67%
no benefits
None: 17%