Secretary Advice

Q: What is it like working as a Secretary?

Secretary in Queens:
"Learn everything you can."
To be able to be cross trained with other secretaries. Be able to take dictation, computer literate, billed patients, make appointments for doctors, know medical insurances. Being fluent in another language is also very helpful. Cheery disposition is a plus in this field.

Secretary in Willimantic:
"Small Family Company."
While I first started working in a very large corporation I soon found myself needing a huge change in atmosphere, so I went to work for a small family company. While I may not have received the benefits and 401 K of the larger firm I enjoy the actual work that I am doing more. In addition, I have received care and loans from my employer to finish college and had the flexible schedule that I needed to do so as well.

Secretary in Farmington Hills:
"Sales is not my forte."
Multitasking is key.

Secretary in Guerneville:
"Hard, I feel I am getting paid to little for what I do."
Pros: Meeting people, inspecting the cottages.
Cons: Balancing the daily cash ,my employer expects me to do more than the job descrpition.

Secretary in Houston:
"Its easygoing. Conftable atmosphere."
Pros: Its very flexible.
Cons: None.

Secretary in New Philadelphia:
Learn all you can about business.

Secretary in Creve Coeur:
Run as fast as you can to a different career. Always trying to get rid of you and your pay is below poverty level for a family.