Security Guard Advice

Q: What is it like working as a Security Guard?

Security Guard in Uganda:
"I was so happy because I got the job."
I would like to tell them that to kep their job and be in time to report in the officeoffice in time and respect to your boss and others and be sure that you have to in the office were you support to no complain thank.

Security Guard in Rochester:
"It's a job, but........"
Pros: It is good for getting a job or a paycheck if you need one.
Cons: They are cheap and do not stick up for their own employees.

Security Guard in Wangaratta:
Pros: Meet people help people keep people safe better on my body than welding.
Cons: Night shifts.

Security Guard in Tampa:
"The company needs to do what they say they are going to do a."
Be sure the employer dose what they promise, as far as your getting around the job site while on your tour of duty.

Security Guard in Chicago:
"Follow up on job performance."
Keep track of pay rate on various accounts and length of contract at site.

Security Guard in Columbus:
Pros: Fun enviroment great commrads.
Cons: No raises poor corperate workers.

Security Guard in Indianapolis:
"Work flexibilty."
Pros: They work with you on your hours and always offering overtime and the work is easy.
Cons: Diffrent sites pay diffrent and I dont think thats quite fair.