Security Guard Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Security Guard?

Security Guard in Columbus:
Pros: Fun enviroment great commrads.
Cons: No raises poor corperate workers.

Security Guard in Indianapolis:
"Work flexibilty."
Pros: They work with you on your hours and always offering overtime and the work is easy.
Cons: Diffrent sites pay diffrent and I dont think thats quite fair.

Security Guard in Brooklyn Park:
"Easy but be alert at all times."
Pros: No one watching over your shoulders.
Cons: No health benefits. No raise. And have hours missing on pay check. Which is disturbing on going. Which needs to be solve.

Security Guard in New York:
"Security guard."
Pros: Being able to watch people, also the fact ive learned how to read body language very well.
Cons: Dealing with the public, and their nonsense. The behavior of people is simply amazing , and im in awe every day over the random acts of bafoonery.

Security Guard in Durant:
"Stress Level Is Very High."
Pros: Helping other people, and making sure patron's are safe and having a good time while there in our place of business. Taking care of the other Officer's.
Cons: No matter how hard you try to make the job a better place to work no-one care's about you or what you think.