Senior Accountant Advice

Q: What do you wish you knew about your job when you first started out?

Senior Accountant in Newtown:
"Be very careful picking a major. You can start at 21,31or 50."
School is expensive, very! You should pick a career you like and you see many openings for.You can always do hobbies on the side. If you like numbers, making sure everything is neat, perfect, and matches, Accounting may be for you. In today's world, being good with computers and data manipulation is a plus, (treat computer classes at highest priority, especially excel and access) your elder colleagues won't understand but they'll event embrace it and it'll make things more efficient. Do your homework on salaries and companies you like, except nothing less. It's almost impossible to change paths after that, plus if you think you'll prove yourself, you're wrong. The under pay is so small, to match what others get would never satisfy budgets. Go for a big corporation, or public firm. Get CPA, Masters budget children. Long accounting hours and studying with home life, children/spouse is so very hard, almost impossible.

Senior Accountant in Redlands:
"How much it varies from one company to another."
Be willing to work hard and long hours when necessary, meeting critical deadlines is crucial. If you don't know how to do something that is new to you, make sure to research it thoroughly. Don't accept someone telling you how to do something if it doesn't sound correct. Remember, you are there to protect the companies best interest which meanings performing at your best and making ethical decisions.

Senior Accountant in Creve Coeur:
Find out what is your actual responsibility in writing.

Senior Accountant in Topeka:
"CPA And Work History."
It is important to understand the impact on your career if you do not obtain a CPA license. It can mean the difference between being hired or not. Also, it seems that employers look for and value experience in the public sector even when they are in the private sector. Get your CPA and work for a while in a traditional public accounting firm. It will do you good in the job market later on.

Senior Accountant in Columbus:
"Much Responsibility And Tight Deadlines."
Be prepared to work long hours. Not necessarily extra time, but mentally long hours. Sometimes I just need a break after working 3 hours. Others I can work 12 hours and be fine.

Senior Accountant in New York:
"It Can Involve Long Hours When In The Corporate World."
Do your best - if you don't love it, leave it!