Senior Accountant Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Senior Accountant?

Senior Accountant:
In the beginning the pay was ok, the benefits were great and I was told that I would be able to quickly be promoted and advance. The truth was that promotions/advancement was largely a myth save for a very small handful of employees and largely there were never even cost of living wage increases over time. As time progressed during a difficult phase of the business many benefits were reduced or eliminated and pay was reduced while job duties drastically increased. After emergence from this phase benefits were slightly improved and wages were largely left alone while again, job duties were increased. By this point I was performing at minimum two full time roles and at maximum 2.5 full time roles for less compensation and less benefits than a single one of the roles should afford. The attitude of management was in line with "be thankful you have a job" rather than seeking an appropriate balance.

Senior Accountant in Hot Springs:
Pros: It’s a resort town
Cons: Not many amenities

Senior Accountant in Minneapolis:
Pros: close to family
Cons: cold

Senior Accountant in Edmond:
"It's a long way from Norman."
Pros: My job and the company
Cons: It's a long way from Norman

Senior Accountant in Boca Raton:
"Traffic and headaches."
Pros: Safe area...diverse lunch options. Mall and gyms nearby.
Cons: Traffic is horrendous and I cannot afford to live near work without sacrificing quality of life. Traffic october-may is doubled even during rushour.

Senior Accountant:
Sps program is wonderful. Paid overtime, full benefits, and no office politics or "owning" spreadsheets, etc? Best job I've ever had. I've even got short and long term disability and a retirement account.

Senior Accountant in Brooklyn:
"Senior Accountant Salary."
Pros: Shorter commute. Closer to home.
Cons: Miss the culture of Manhattan - theatres, shopping.