Senior Business Analyst Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Senior Business Analyst?

Senior Business Analyst in Petaluma:
"Very Good Place to Work."
Pros: The goal is to live and work in Sonoma County, because of the the good schools and safe communities. Its a rare combination of vibrant business, and lush green landscapes.
Cons: Dairy farms give off a smell a few times a year.

Senior Business Analyst in Washington:
"High cost of living."
Pros: Very beautiful city. Feels like you're important.
Cons: Expensive city, traffic is horrible.

Senior Business Analyst in Houston:
"Working in Houston has it's ups and downs..."
Pros: Houston is VERY diverse. Anything you want, you can pretty much find in Houston.
Cons: Because Houston is the oil and gas capital of the world, the economy is tends to roll with the trends. If the price of oil is down, as it currently is, then the economy suffers.

Senior Business Analyst in Lewisville:
"My day to day."
Pros: I learn things every day. I am an asset to my company. There's always room for growth and opportunities.
Cons: A number of people are underpaid. Favoritism shown. Technology gross is that a minimal.

Senior Business Analyst in Rochester:
"Be prepared for resistance to change."
Make sure you get your customer to buy in to the process.

Senior Business Analyst in Pittsburgh:
"Business Analyst."
Be proactive in your whatever challengers or tasks you take.

Senior Business Analyst in Fontana:
"Don't work in the steel industry."
The steel industry has long term growth concerns you should pick a more stable field. It has too much volatility.