Senior Business Analyst Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Senior Business Analyst?

Senior Business Analyst:
Management is entirely out of touch and continues to demand significantly more out of everyone while not increasing pay and cutting benefits. We are cutting costs to the point where we don’t have enough material to meet customer demand, so revenue is suffering. Bonuses are always paid even when originally stated objectives are not actually achieved (upper and middle management restates objectives at the end of year and magically the new objectives are met so bonuses are paid). If you are (1) first and foremost an engineer, (2) willing to move anywhere in the world, and (3) don’t care about wasting time and resources then you’ll probably do fine, except for the pay.

Senior Business Analyst in Santa Clara:
Pros: high tech
Cons: traffic

Senior Business Analyst in Columbus:
"Underpayed, overworked."
Pros: They care about finding jobs for laid off workers
Cons: The company is a monolith that has no nimble capability to make it meet today's marketplace needs.

Senior Business Analyst in Winter Garden:
"Telecommuting is great."
Pros: I work from home
Cons: I feel disconnected sometimes

Senior Business Analyst in New York:
Pros: It's close to everything (if you live in Manhattan)
Cons: It's super busy, and if you're in the outer boroughs, the commute is rough. Also, super expensive.

Senior Business Analyst in Houston:
"Working in Texas."
Pros: No City or State income tax.
Cons: Traffic

Senior Business Analyst in Denver:
"Great place to live and work."
Pros: Weather and proximity to family
Cons: High cost of real estate and living