Senior Buyer Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Senior Buyer?

Senior Buyer:
Unfortunately I would love to rate this company higher, but after 7 years and no career path and consistently getting passed over for promotions has left a bad taste in my mouth. Maybe in the future they will be sable to change the stressful culture they have had for some many years.

Senior Buyer in Woodinville:
Pros: It is an easy drive to and from work that avoids the major highways. There are also a lot of nice food options nearby and cultural things to do.
Cons: It doesn't have adequate public transit so taking a bus or train isn't an option.

Senior Buyer in Indianapolis:
Pros: Independence to make decision. Good working relationship with my Boss. Teamwork within the department.
Cons: Lack of accountability throughout organization. Mistrust in HR department.

Senior Buyer in Panama City:
"Crisis Management."
The amount of pressure placed on the department to complete tasks that do not fall under the responsibility of procurement. Problem solving and process management issues take up more time than actual job duties, making it hard to meet critical deadlines. Strengthen critical thinking skills and problem solving abilities.

Senior Buyer in Houston:
Get your MBA.

Senior Buyer in Los Alamos:
"Prime Contract vs LANL Subcontract purchasing."
Subcontractors to a Los Alamos National Security (LANS) Prime Contract are subject to personal politics that play into RFPs. Thus, a new subcontractor comes in, cleans out 75% of the workforce only to find that the mission cannot be accomplished with that hefty of a RIF. Subcontractor has to renegotiate subcontract with LANS for years while your personal salary and benefits are maintaining the low. Hold steadfast to obtain a position with the Prime Contractor at Los Alamos National Laboratory...Subcontracted positions in Los Alamos are NOT secure.