Senior Electrical Engineer Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Senior Electrical Engineer?

Senior Electrical Engineer in Los Angeles:
"Southern California doesn't have an engineering culture."
Pros: I have been working in different companies and the managers typically value more on the suggestions from the northern part of the state than the southern part. Engineers in LA is considered a lower rank/inferior compared to the engineers in San Jose. My 2 cents to the young engineers, start your career in San Jose.
Cons: The daily commute is a nightmare.

Senior Electrical Engineer in Poway:
"Mixed Bag."
Pros: Developing the latest audio hardware electronics
Cons: The office environment

Senior Electrical Engineer in Houston:
"This Job Is Great."
Pros: little stress & great opportunities at different tasks
Cons: not much

Senior Electrical Engineer in Melbourne:
"Great place to work if you have the right manager."
Pros: The flexible 9/80 schedule
Cons: On-boarding process needs work.

Senior Electrical Engineer in Bend:
"Great style of living."
Pros: Outdoor lifestyle and pace of life
Cons: Remote location

Senior Electrical Engineer:
The workload is light. The benefits are good. The pay for non-union positions is quite poor. The structure for engineers is poor compared to even small outside firms. Little regard is given the professional license.

Senior Electrical Engineer in Dallas:
"Lots of cranes in the area."
Pros: The location is good
Cons: Traffic is getting worse