Senior Executive Assistant Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Senior Executive Assistant?

Senior Executive Assistant in Los Angeles:
"Competitive, unpredictable, and exciting."
Pros: Opportunity
Cons: When people try to sell an idea and not implement them

Senior Executive Assistant in Atlanta:
Pros: Good access to shopping and arts.
Cons: Traffic is terrible. There is only one good way to get anywhere.

Senior Executive Assistant in Houston:
"Sr Executive Assistant."
Pros: Everything, it's like working with a huge family.
Cons: Nothing.

Senior Executive Assistant in Dinuba:
"How much responsibility I would be given for the pay."
Make sure you are getting paid for everything you do within the company.

Senior Executive Assistant in Dallas:
"Always be willing to take on more responsibility."
Take your role very seriously as you are a direct reflection of your executive. Build relationships with the leadership team and be accessible at all times with a smile.

Senior Executive Assistant in Chicago:
"Work is a better if you have for a Passion for what you do."
Be resourceful and willing to assist others.

Senior Executive Assistant in Boston:
"All encompassing MGMT Functions 16 Healthcare companies."
Pros: The opportunity to learn department functions and responsibility of retaining and expanding business opportunities.
Cons: Too many people doing too many different things. Person having 5+ more job titles and being hired for different positions then they end up working in.