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The average pay for a Senior Interior Designer with AutoCAD skills is $28.60 per hour.

The average pay for a Senior Interior Designer with AutoCAD skills is $82,424 per year.

MEDIAN $28.60
MEDIAN $82,424

Job Description for Senior Interior Designer

Senior interior designers are responsible for developing, managing, and recording technical aspects of the project. They work closely with the project manager, design coordinators, and project teams on conceptual designs, presentations, design development, and production. Senior interior designers must be responsible for project deliverables, meeting overall project design schedules, as well as preparing and presenting design presentations. They must inform the project manager of any problems and attend meeting with the project managers.


Senior Interior Designer Tasks

  • Create and present interior design concepts in response to client needs.
  • Create estimates, schedules, and staffing plans to complete projects.
  • Use software to design, sketch, and provide drawings of proposed projects.
  • Work with clients to define project requirements and develop design criteria.

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Senior Interior Designer Reviews

Q: What is it like working in Atlanta, Georgia?

Senior Interior Designer in Atlanta, Georgia:
Pros: Lifestyle and location
Cons: Traffic

Senior Interior Designer in San Francisco:
"Great city to be in, meeting different creative minds."
Pros: The location, its easier to bike to work, open minded people
Cons: the price of housing and child care

Senior Interior Designer in Orange:
"Who I woud be workig with."
Watch for cover ups, lack of info.

Senior Interior Designer in St. Paul:
"Stress involved."
Stick with what you are most interested in designing.

Senior Interior Designer in Tampa:
"Glamorous projects."
You will probably do more mundane projects than the super creative ones.

Senior Interior Designer in Plano:
"Coustom design with homeowners is hard."
The headaches working with clients doing full ground up design to turn key finished space paint lighting flooring furniture furniture coverings window treatment design tables and art and accesories doesn't pay compared to much less stressful jobs like selling furniture on the floor.

Senior Interior Designer in Fort Lauderdale:
"There is an art in understanding the interpersonal dynamics."
Know exactly how to assemble components in the most efficient and economic manner.

Key Stats for Senior Interior Designer

10-19 years
20 years or more

Common Health Benefits

medical benefits
Medical: 88%
dental benefits
Dental: 88%
vision benefits
Vision: 13%
no benefits
None: 13%