Senior Paralegal Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Senior Paralegal?

Senior Paralegal in Atlanta:
"Fast Paced."
Pros: Better pay
Cons: Long commute

Senior Paralegal in Paramus:
"Paramus is a great town."
Pros: Easy commute
Cons: Nothing

Senior Paralegal in Minneapolis:
"Too serious."
Pros: Less stressful and commute is average
Cons: Office location is isolated not convenient to services, shopping or lunch.

Senior Paralegal in Chicago:
"Great opportunity to network and grow."
Cons: The travel time.

Senior Paralegal in Athens:
"I think this market under pays skilled workers."
Pros: It has big town potential, with a small town feel.
Cons: The pay is ridiculously low. This market underpays great employees.

Senior Paralegal in King of Prussia:
Pros: Close to home, relatively easy commute to work.
Cons: Traffic on roads and parking congestion.

Senior Paralegal in Phoenix:
Pros: Abundant opportunities, wide variety of firms.
Cons: Very spread out. Long commute, lots of traffic.