Senior Pastor Reviews

Q: What is it like working in Pueblo?

Senior Pastor in Pueblo:
"The best is yet to come."
Pros: you can take your time
Cons: needs more growth

Senior Pastor in North Richland Hills:
"Working in North Richland Hills."
Pros: Small town feel with big city convenience. Rural atmosphere in a city context. Friendly people, great city government.
Cons: Traffic congestion, working with the building code department.

Senior Pastor in Kingstree:
"More about Trustee and Financial Matters."
Love the people. Listen attentively. Do not show partiality. Learn the history of the church you will be serving and what is important to your congregation. Find out what the church is known for in the community. Find out what person in the congregation has the congregation's ear (the unofficial pastor). Always be open to change. Be patient.

Senior Pastor in Deland:
"Be Ready."
Pastoring is one of the most rewarding careers anyone could ever embark upon, but it has it's moments of disappointments, and headaches, just make sure it's your passion and you're not in it for financial gain. Out of all your difficulties you'll still have a sense of reward that can only come when you see someone delivered. We have a church, daycare, and school it is stressful, make sure you have staff that are well informed and knowledgeable, it's going to save you a lot of headaches, finally stay focus on you vision.

Senior Pastor in Detroit:
"A good challenge."
Pros: Helping people and seeing their growth.
Cons: Lack of resources.

Senior Pastor in Prince George:
"Senior Pastor."
Stay connected with God though prayer. Study the Bible often. Stay fresh on leadership teaching. Learn what church are doing now. Keep improving your people skills.

Senior Pastor in Minneapolis:
"It is extremely time consuming and stressful but a blessing."
Pros: Leading team, preaching, teaching, consulting and watching lives being transformed in the name of Jesus.
Cons: Stress, cultural baggage, unhealthy expectations, and people's false sense of entitlement.