Senior Project Manager, IT Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Senior Project Manager, IT?

Senior Project Manager, IT in Atlanta:
"Great company, great culture, great people, and a bright future."
Pros: It's very low stress. The people are great. The campus is fun and a place I like to come to.
Cons: Nothing really. The place is amazing.

Senior Project Manager, IT in Madison:
"Great city."
Pros: diversity, atmosphere
Cons: winter weather

Senior Project Manager, IT:
Great experience. Great people. Great leadership. Great opportunities to expand my knowledge, and improve my skills. Unlimited PTO is nice, but insurance premiums are crazy high. Pay could be a little higher.

Senior Project Manager, IT in Macomb:
"Not a lot to compare to."
Pros: Flexible work arraignment
Cons: Feel unvalued

Senior Project Manager, IT in Thousand Oaks:
"Commute is not too bad."
Pros: The commute from Oxnard is not too bad. Thousand Oaks offers a nice environment to shop and dine.
Cons: It sometimes can take one hour to get to work if there is an accident.

Senior Project Manager, IT in New York:
Cons: No salary raise in 4 years; salary not competitive for NYC.

Senior Project Manager, IT in Gaithersburg:
Pros: Closer to home, flexibility with kids.
Cons: Away from DC, commute to client locations.