Senior Software Engineer Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Senior Software Engineer?

Senior Software Engineer:
Great people working together on important projects. The only tricky part is working with less-flexible main office in Canada that doesn't understand how to compromise (our way or the highway). Compensation is great with good pay, decent healthcare, and pretty good 401k and time off benefits (except for 401k match that takes a year to kick in and 3 years to vest).

Senior Software Engineer in San Francisco:
"Engineering Bay Area Life."
Pros: I live here... so it's close to home.
Cons: Traffic I suppose.

Senior Software Engineer in Lexington:
"The Biggest Small Town in the world."
Pros: Safe place
Cons: Small job market

Senior Software Engineer in Jacksonville:
"Jacksonville has a little bit of everything."
Pros: There are good people here
Cons: The culture can be bland in certain places

Senior Software Engineer in Pittsfield:
"Small town, old fashioned (borderline discriminatory)"
Pros: Short commute, small town, lots of outdoor opportunities
Cons: Seems to discriminate people base on gender, color, and other traits. Not enough primary care doctors.

Senior Software Engineer:
30 years ago I said I would never work at a bank and I regret my decision to go back on that. They hired me at a lower position because they said there was no senior position, A year they hired a senior position, then "promoted" me to senior since I had 35 years experience, but with no increase in pay. I've been there 6 1/2 years and had a total raise of 2.5% in that time. They found out I had medical coverage as a retiree from my previous job so they refused to let me have medical coverage, so that means I got none of the HSA benefits. I'm retiring 4 years earlier than planned because I refuse to make the ultra-rich management richer. I love my work but hate the environment.

Senior Software Engineer:
New parent company SS&C seems to be all about profit margins with no commitment to employees. This was a good place to work in the past. People still there after recent large layoffs seem to be waiting for next round of layoffs, probably after company gets rid of severance pay.