Senior Software Engineer Advice

Q: What do you wish you knew about your job when you first started out?

Senior Software Engineer in San Diego:
"Learn by practicing."
Learn the basics of OO principles including SOLID, and a few design patterns and how to use them. Learn them by heart.

Senior Software Engineer in Virginia Beach:
"Learn to Let Go and Look at the Big Picture."
The hardest jump between being a code-monkey and taking the reigns for mentoring others and becoming more of a leader is knowing when to let others struggle. A less experienced programmer may be slower, may make mistakes and may not do things -your- way but you need to be patient. Let them struggle a little bit because eventually they'll be an asset to make the entire team successful. As you become a Senior programmer you need to be thinking about the architecture of the whole application and not get so caught up in the weeds.

Senior Software Engineer in Westford:
"Patience, take time to learn new things."
Be aggressive in initiating, present new ideas.

Senior Software Engineer in Salt Lake City:
"Self directed learning."
Learn things on your own time. Read a lot of books, blogs, etc. Practice katas. Find your passion and go deep - be it testing, lean, continuous delivery, etc.

Senior Software Engineer in San Diego:
"A more defined structure of the job position."
Clearly define your reporting hierarchy of the work you do. Require that you have a QA program to find flaws in the software you design before its release because it is un-reasonable that you will find everything.

Senior Software Engineer in Portland:
"Love it."
If you love Software Engineering, you will never hate a day at work. But, do not be passive about raises.

Senior Software Engineer in San Antonio:
"Am I worth more?"
You are done coding. Just accept it and move on.