Raytheon Space and Airborne Systems Reviews

Q: What is it like working in Indianapolis?

Senior Systems Engineer in Indianapolis:
"Business friendly but not employee friendly."
Pros: Highway traffic better than avg but declining.
Cons: Too business friendly so not so employee friendly. A majority of tax incentives go to the upper class and business. The poor and middle class get less for the tax dollar. Government implements laws and tax incentives that are not proven to increase jobs, yet they continue to allow the money to be spent. Farm lands are being developed at an increasing rate, side roads are more congested, government's anti-tax policies have now resulted in below average road maintenance. Government now is raising taxes to pay for roads even though it has a significant surplus that could be tapped.

Senior Systems Engineer in Los Angeles:
"Don't go into IT, get into coding instead."
IT doesn't pay unless you're a Linux/Unix specialist.

Senior Systems Engineer in Tucson:
"Not adequately compensated for experience and skills."
Pros: Pay.
Cons: Age and gender discrimination is obvious.

Senior Systems Engineer in Brandon:
"Rewarding work, but company going downhill fast."
Pros: Engineer radio systems for public safety and commercial markets around the world. It's rewarding that the general public benefits from our work and lives are saved.
Cons: Company has been downsizing for 2+ years, decreasing benefits, and replacing work tools with cheaper, less quality versions. Everyone has been on pins & needles wondering who will be laid off next.

Senior Systems Engineer in Cleveland:
"I Wish I had Know This Questionnaire Would Become a Full-Ti."
Get your money up front. Next step.

Senior Systems Engineer in Jacksonville:
"Great company but underpays."
Pros: The good is everything but the pay.
Cons: They pay below the national average. HR keeps running "salary survey's" and they insist they are paying average. I've seen so many people leave the IT department making 20-30% more. I think they need a better survey provider.

Senior Systems Engineer in Tucson:
"Culture of Lies, Secretism, and Good Ol' Boys."
Pros: The pay check is the only saving grace. And only barely.
Cons: Annual performance review and discussion is a waste of time and energy. It's all about favorites and being young or retired military, not about actual performance, attitude, or skills. If you are not at least at the Principle Engineer level by age 45, your prospects for any significant advance in pay or position are near zero. You'll never be assigned more than a "Meets Expectations" rating. You'll be lucky if you are not let go before early retirement at age 55. You will lose any real and meaningful skills by working at this company.