Senior Systems Engineer Reviews

Q: What is it like working in Orlando, Florida?

Senior Systems Engineer in Orlando, Florida:
"Warm sunny traffic."
Pros: No snow
Cons: Traffic heat

Senior Systems Engineer:
American Airlines has become a “sweat shop”. My first three years there was great. I rarely worked after hours and the stress was minimal as long as work was completed on time. Not sure why it changed, but about a year ago our team started getting focus for the wrong reasons. Since then a lot of unruly demands started coming from management. I was impacted by a layoff in August. I have no ill will towards the company. However, I have to say they do not pay market for my skillset or experience. The benefits are not that great either. Mediocre at best. I would be hesitant to work for this company if I were someone looking at a position. There are better companies I feel that treat employees right than American Airlines.

Senior Systems Engineer in Boulder, Colorado:
"Just okay."
Pros: Managing others and releasing products that make a difference
Cons: wasting time on projects that go no where, how difficult/slow it is to accomplish/complete a project

Senior Systems Engineer in Cedar Rapids, Iowa:
"No growth, Micromanaged, No Empowerment."
Pros: Coworkers are generally nice to work with.
Cons: Management does not walk the talk

Senior Systems Engineer in Denver:
Pros: weather, life style
Cons: housing prices