Service Manager Automotive Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Service Manager Automotive?

Service Manager Automotive in Louisville:
"Louisville service writer/ shop manager."
Pros: We are in the center of the city and easily accessible.
Cons: Other shops give the auto industry a bad name.

Service Manager Automotive in Rocky Mount:
Pros: The weather, close to home most of the people are wonderful.
Cons: Not a lot to do in the area directly around here.

Service Manager Automotive in Albuquerque:
"Vehicle service manager."
Pros: You meet new people all the time, faced with new experiences everyday, ability to help people with there problems. Able to steer employees in the right directions.
Cons: The stress from all the paperwork that is required by management, The customer that is not happy. Other service centers that fail to follow your instructions and needs.

Service Manager Automotive in Poplar Bluff:
Pros: Everything about the jod. Best I'very ever had.
Cons: I can't find anything wrong with my current job.

Service Manager Automotive in Albany:
"I wish I had known about the lack of management support."

Service Manager Automotive in Lafayette:
"Be thick skinned, not thick headed..."
No problems, only solutions... Slow is acurate, acuracy is fast. All you control is how you handle the situation.

Service Manager Automotive in Schaumburg:
"Under appreciated."
Pros: Diagnosing and repairing vehicles. Job stability.
Cons: Stores are continually grossly understaffed. Sales quota's are redicullassly high, which cuts into ability to properly service customer, so it always feels like we are trying to sell something. Upper management has a horrible disconnect from employees working in the field, and they don't seem to understand what we really do.