Shipping and Receiving Clerk Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Shipping and Receiving Clerk?

Shipping and Receiving Clerk in Grinnell:
"Not enough good paying jobs."
Pros: It’s small town
Cons: No opportunities

Shipping and Receiving Clerk in Albany:
"It's not easy but it sure is fun."
Always have a shipment request documented before anything goes out your facility. Be accurate with all documents to the best of your abilities especially over seas shipments & always be mindful that you are the last one to see a product that leaves your building so make it look the best it can be.

Shipping and Receiving Clerk in Agawam:
"Good Day."
Pros: I like the people I work with...the closeness to home. Being home to spend time with family. I like the challenge of what my many jobs intail.
Cons: Stress. Being pulled in many different directions.

Shipping and Receiving Clerk in Carlsbad:
"Good work experience."
Pros: I work with a great team and we get along fine it's a team of 7 people we work at night and we get to play music.
Cons: We get pay 11 dolar per hour and the work is raising.

Shipping and Receiving Clerk in Odessa:
"Love my jop but don't get along with supervisor."
Pros: Love to interact with people I'm a people person.
Cons: My supervisor won't allow me to grow feel he doesn't like me.

Shipping and Receiving Clerk in Berlin:
"All the extra work when other employees get let go."
Do the best job you can in stressful situations.

Shipping and Receiving Clerk in Memphis:
"Climate control."
Pace yourself. If you have to multi task, do the most important task first. For example, if you know you have back orders waiting, and you have receiving to check in, do that first so the backorders will get pulled first thing. Shipping is usually the last tadk, since your truck lines and pick ups, like UPS come later in the day.