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Q: What is it like working as a Software Engineer at SRA International, Inc.?

Software Engineer in Austin:
"Challenging, rewarding, and relaxed in atmosphere."
Pros: Working from home, opportunity for growth, creative input encouraged.
Cons: Limited access to certain elements critical to effective product delivery (i.e. Servers, hosting, hardware)

Software Engineer in Washington:
"Learn to write well."
Think of yourself as a translator between human language and programming languages. Anyone can learn to give instructions that computers can follow, but a superior software author writes well in human language, too. Spend time writing quality documentation. Self-documenting code is wonderful, but it can't do everything. Good documentation explains why a program was written, which is much more important. If you are in school, take a writing class every semester. Take writing classes as continuing education, in addition to any computer technical education.

Software Engineer in Santa Cruz:
"Every Day Is Different."
Pros: I rarely have to do the same thing for longer then a week or two. Whatever it is that I am doing I get to get it done in my own way as long as it gets done on time. Very self regulated and managed for the detailed parts. Great comradery.
Cons: Lots of responsibility and things that are up to you. LOTS! Of lingo and vernacular to keep up with and get used to.

Software Engineer in Columbus:
Pros: My boss is understanding and very kind to me.
Cons: My job has very little to do with what I thought I would e doing when hired. The stress is overwhelming.

Software Engineer in Greenwich:
"Advanced financial analysis."
Pros: Dealing with complex fast paced data and optimizing highly advanced software. Friendly environment that encourages growth.
Cons: The product planning could be better.

Software Engineer in Minneapolis:
"Salary Data 1."
I have nothing to really say. What more.

Software Engineer in St. Paul:
Get more and more training when offered by company.