Staff Accountant Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Staff Accountant?

Staff Accountant in Raleigh:
"Great place to live and work."
Pros: Job market is open
Cons: Traffic

Staff Accountant in Austin:
"Growing Company Automotive Industry."
Pros: I like the versatility of the type of business. Aftermarket warranties has many moving parts.
Cons: The drive

Staff Accountant in Seattle:
"Accounting for Property Management in Seattle."
Pros: Diversity and environment
Cons: Daily traffic during commute and rise in taxes and rents

Staff Accountant in Dallas:
"Fast pace."
Pros: Nice weather
Cons: Cold winters

Staff Accountant in Irvine:
"High standard."
Pros: The environment
Cons: Too much traffic

Staff Accountant in Rock Hill:
"Great opportunities."
Pros: The casual atmosphere
Cons: Less pay

Staff Accountant in San Francisco:
Pros: Casual culture
Cons: Too much emphasis on tech. Not enough on other aspects of company. Management is young and immature.