State Tested Nurses Aide (STNA) Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a State Tested Nurses Aide (STNA)?

State Tested Nurses Aide (STNA):
Comfort Keepers offered online continuing education to fulfill requirements to keep State Tested Nurse's Aid STNA Certificate active. 1600 hours was minimum required for Nursing program at Cincinnati State which they helped me acquire. My schedule changed each semester at college with class schedule. I gave them heads up 2 weeks in advance and they gave me work for any time I had available. I had limited time I was available and they filled it and were flexible. I appreciate them helping me obtain my goal.

State Tested Nurses Aide (STNA) in Canton:
"That there was poor management."
Make sure where you work has good communication skills and our team players and they are there for the customer not a pay check and they have a employee handbook a nd ask how often the handbook changes doing tour look at customers are they neat are there enough staff turn your eyes nos and ears on.