Sterile Processing Technician Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Sterile Processing Technician?

Sterile Processing Technician in Phoenix:
Pros: Alot to do in phoenix:greatfood, entertainment, and weather is excellent!
Cons: Cost of living is high and pay scales are in the middle.

Sterile Processing Technician in Lima:
Pros: Close to home and family.
Cons: Not getting paid what Im worth.

Sterile Processing Technician in Mount Clemens:
Work at a consistant pace. Don't get overwhelmed. Be thorough. Don't take shortcuts.

Sterile Processing Technician in Oceanside:
"Sterility Runs The show."
Be responsible. A small hole or damp wrapped item will spread pathogens. Remember. No surgery will ever get started with out us. We are like the offensive line.. So so integral but mostly looked over.. Keep your chin up. We are the noble SPD, and we are amazing.

Sterile Processing Technician in Cincinnati:
"Very important job. Must have integreity, values."
Pros: Knowing you can make a difference in people's life.
Cons: 12 hour shifts.

Sterile Processing Technician in Houston:
"Very rewarding."
Pros: Interacting with other staff. Knowing the importance of what I do and that it is one of the main operations that keep my dept flowing correctly.
Cons: Favortism toward certain employees, base pay.

Sterile Processing Technician in Madison:
"Dead end job."
This is a dead end job. I am great at it and see others that are good come and go. The jobs skill that you gain while being a sterile processing technician don't apply to much else, unless you are a certified surgical technician or have another degree, in which case don't waste you're time unless you're using this job to get your foot in the door.