Substance Abuse Counselor Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Substance Abuse Counselor?

Substance Abuse Counselor in Paramus:
Pros: Helping people is the best thing about the job. As well as the pay.
Cons: The hospital is very understaffed when it comes to the counselors. Because of that most of us are extremely overworked. I work every weekend as well which I hate.

Substance Abuse Counselor in Chicago:
"Encourage Yourself."
My advice for a new Substance Abuse Prevention Specialist is simply to be encouraged! You'll spend a majority of your time in the schools in the community and speaking with community stakeholders about what you do and how you service the youth. I also highly recommend you be very versed at your tasks and responsibilities. You'll be interacting with everyone from possibly your next door neighbor to the Mayor. You don't want to be caught off guard appearing unlearned about your job. People are like dogs, they can sniff fear and every other true quality about you, from a mile away. In essence, be educated about Substances and it's effect on our youth and the family along with the community. At times, it'll be all on you and that's ok. Just remember, no one will voluntarily pat you on the back, so "encourage yourself!"

Substance Abuse Counselor in Lompoc:
"It's unpredictable and challenging in more than one way."
Pros: I like the freedom to be creative.
Cons: Poor management leadership, stressfull job, dealing with difficult rude clients at times, doing Med call, and detox Med call.

Substance Abuse Counselor in New Castle:
"Only if you have a heart for addiction."
Pros: Helping people learn to change their lives. Working independently.
Cons: Massive amounts of paperwork limit your therapeutic efficacy. High stress.

Substance Abuse Counselor in Panama City:
Pros: It is a highly challenging position both in meeting clients' needs and in teaching other staff about what is required. It can be very satisfying when client phases up, learns a new skill or insight, or graduates.
Cons: There is constant drama with clients and management.

Substance Abuse Counselor in Panama City:
Pros: It is very satisfying to see clients gain skills and beliefs that enable them to live drug or alcohol free lives, with relationships restored and hope regained.
Cons: There is a lot of emotional drama as clients come off their drug of choice and begin to learn to live and work with other women. There has also been a lot of drama with management as they learn the ropes.

Substance Abuse Counselor in El Centro:
Pros: Being able to help people change.
Cons: None.