Supply Chain Manager Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Supply Chain Manager?

Supply Chain Manager in Las Vegas:
"Stressful, fast paced but rewarding."
Pros: the people
Cons: competing priorities

Supply Chain Manager in Fremont:
"Great People, Not Keeping Up with the market."
Pros: Great People, cool products, some very good managers, and an overload of opportunities.
Cons: Alot of unqualified workers, some managers (mine) are completely unqualified

Supply Chain Manager in San Antonio:
Listen to the advise you at given and learn to network. Find out every person you will be dealing with no a daily/monthly basis. Never stay sitting in one spot the job is very demanding and you will make or brake it for your unit. Stay motivated!

Supply Chain Manager in Lubbock:
"Overall Great."
Pros: Short commutes/low traffic, low cost of living, plenty of activities with a small town feel, close to family/friends.
Cons: Not a broad culture, far from larger cities.

Supply Chain Manager in Seattle:
"Seattle Rain."
Pros: Opportunity abounds. If you don’t mind the rain it is a great place to live and work.
Cons: The commute sometimes gets ugly but not bad if you are an early riser.

Supply Chain Manager in Moline:
"People matter."
Treat others the way you want to be treated.

Supply Chain Manager in Richmond:
"Importance of the data supplied to the business."
Learn the entire supply chain as much as possible for decisions made can have large impacts on the value chain.