Surgery Scheduler Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Surgery Scheduler?

Surgery Scheduler in San Diego:
"Fair pay."
Cons: Traffic is horrendous!

Surgery Scheduler in Tucson:
Pros: Tucson has been my home for 30 years. While the summers are HOT I love Tucson. I have had career opportunities that have had lead to long lasting jobs. Tucson offers many educational opportunities that can help advance careers or start new ones. I am always willing to learn new things and Tucson has a variety of experiences just waiting to happen.
Cons: The summer heat. Need I say more?

Surgery Scheduler in Austin:
"No raises, little help."
We have 11 doctors here and 1 full time surgery scheduler. Be sure they get help for you. It is a high stress job and you need experience, ability to be efficient with your time and be highly organized.

Surgery Scheduler in Yukon:
"Challenges and rewards ahead."
You will need to be very organized and a self-starter. Have a good relationship with the medical staff. Educate yourself with the speciality of your clinic. Be flexible, patient and kind. The patients are not at their best which is why they are here so you cannot take it personally if they are unkind or impatient. If you think you've heard it all, you haven't. November and December is an extremely busy time so prepare yourself mentally. This can be a really fun job and rewarding as well. What you do is a valuable role. You are an advocate for the patients, their point of contact, so you have an opportunity to built a relationship with them and earn their trust. Even if its' not a part of your job description, you should be familiar with health insurance benefits. Do not ever give medical advice, that is the responsibility of the provider and licensed medical staff. Educate yourself on HIPAA compliance and stick to it.

Surgery Scheduler in Tacoma:
"Work Horse."
Cons-Very busy, constantly covering other positions including in office scheduling. Constant rescheduling of patients in office and for procedures in hospital. Not enough staff. Pay is below average for area. Only 5 paid holiday days per year. Pro- Great medical staff that really comes together to support everyone.

Surgery Scheduler in Bakersfield:
"Verify, organize and coordinate next day OR cases."
Learn your procedures very good to be able to know what exactly the surgeon is gonna be doing that way you can schedule the case without any conflicts. Know your medical terminology so that you know what preference card to pick so that the tray has everything the team needs for the surgery.

Surgery Scheduler in Toledo:
Must be able to multi task. Treat all patients with dignity. Be aware pay increases are not part of evaluations. Teamwork is a must. Do as you are asked to to in a timely manner and you be fine.