System Administrator, Windows Server Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a System Administrator, Windows Server?

System Administrator, Windows Server in Virginia Beach:
"It's a very nice place to work and raise a family."
Pros: The overall climate her is wonderful, there is a lot to do all year long. There are very few areas of interest which could not be followed in this region. It isn't very difficult to find a way to make a living that is comfortable to raise a family.
Cons: Traffic in this area is atrocious, and the cost of living is beginning to become harder to manage.

System Administrator, Windows Server in Long Beach:
"Pay does not meet standards."
Pros: People
Cons: Pay

System Administrator, Windows Server:
Work environment is nice and the free lunch every week is great. The appreciation is not up to the level which includes monitory benefits as well. The pay is not up to the level of market/global standards.

System Administrator, Windows Server:
APCON appreciates its employees and will try to keep you here. I get paid very well, with great benefits, and good managers. APCON does very well but doesn't have enough personnel to run effectively or efficiently. If we did, we would be a force to reckon with.

System Administrator, Windows Server in Portland:
"Awesome place to work."
Pros: The people are friendly and the food is amazing
Cons: It isn't as diverse a place as I'd like.