Systems Engineer, IT Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Systems Engineer, IT?

Systems Engineer, IT in Seattle:
"Seattle, love it or hate it."
Pros: Great food opportunities
Cons: The communte in and out

Systems Engineer, IT in Rockwall:
"If you are not ahead of the curve you are outdated."
Never let a company hold you back from getting more certification or learning new systems and technology. Learn and get certified in VMWare, Checkpoint, MCP, MCSE, etc.

Systems Engineer, IT in Bakersfield:
Pros: Nothing this town and state suck.
Cons: Nothing good except retiring only to have dems take half my money.

Systems Engineer, IT in Milford:
"Great location."
Pros: Very easy commute into work. Very nice location with many things to do.
Cons: I do not like the offerings around me.

Systems Engineer, IT in Philadelphia:
Pros: People, Culture, Diversity,
Cons: Traffic, expenses, Taxes.

Systems Engineer, IT in Bangalore:
Pros: The working & managing ,developing the skills.
Cons: No Support & not an proper organization for learning.

Systems Engineer, IT in Aberdeen:
"Learn to love change."
Put a lot of effort into learning how to deal with and manage change.