Tax Preparer Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Tax Preparer?

Tax Preparer in High Point:
"Great area to work."
Pros: Easy Access to everything surrounding us
Cons: Nothing

Tax Preparer in Garfield:
"Profesional environment."
Pros: The professional environment. The great place to work. The Management.
Cons: The commute. Too far away. No good walkability. No close restaurants availability.

Tax Preparer in Phoenix:
"Tax Prep in Phoenix, AZ."
Pros: Tax preparation in Phoenix is fun because you get to communicate with many different kinds of people.
Cons: Yu may have to work long hours.

Tax Preparer in Findlay:
Pros: The job itself of doing taxes and meeting new people. Learning new things is high on my priorities of what I want in life. I get to do that on a daily basis doing taxes. They are very flexible in their scheduling since most of us are just seasonal employees.
Cons: The communication could be a little better among the people in the office. There are new preparers every year and there is much miscommunication when each new person deals with a new supervisor/manager. There is a ton of pressure when we hit our peak tax preparing time in February. Sometimes you wonder if you can make it through.

Tax Preparer in New York:
Pros: Flexibility, independence, research.
Cons: Long hours.

Tax Preparer in Fairhope:
"Career Research Memo."
Pros: I like my job at H&R Block because it is rewarding with a new challenge everyday. The pay is great during tax season but it ends very shortly.
Cons: The length of my job is the most disturbing part of my job.