Team Lead, Operations Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Team Lead, Operations?

Team Lead, Operations:
This a very rewarding job I couldn't see myself going anywhere else. This is the best company to work for I have been here 11 years and God willing I will retire here. Management has an open door policy and are very approachable the culture here is family and they will take care of there people.

Team Lead, Operations:
I found out I was paid $5K less a year than a man hired for the same role who had less experience. When I was promoted, I was not allowed to negotiate for a salary increase. If you need to work here, I recommend negotiating a high salary at the beginning as 40% of people quit after 1-2 years anyway due to burnout.

Team Lead, Operations in Daleville:
"Dead End."
Pros: Close to home.
Cons: No advancement opportunities.

Team Lead, Operations in Marcellus:
Pros: It's a small town, small business.
Cons: Country town, only a gas station open 3rd shift.