Team Leader, General Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Team Leader, General?

Team Leader, General in Memphis:
"Lots of lazy people."
Pros: Cheap living. Near lots of family.
Cons: Lazy people that don't want to work for what they get. Want to get paid but do no work for it.

Team Leader, General in Batesville:
"So, so."
Pros: Its different, not quite like what im use to but definitly different..i come from a team of professionals working in the fast food industries and I can most definitly say this team is far from professional.. Just my opinion.
Cons: I dis-like the fact that this team are not team players..i don't know if they know what team work is.. Nobody try hard to work as a team because everyone wants to lead.

Team Leader, General in La Crosse:
"Great work."
Pros: The pay and kids I work with.
Cons: My employees.

Team Leader, General in pascagoula, ms:
Learn to team build quickly with co workers and set limits on start of job.

Team Leader, General in Vernon:
"All the different jobs I would have to undertake."
Be prepared to take on several hats. Head chef, inventory, coach, count registers, deposits.

Team Leader, General in Nashville:
"Its stressful alot depends on you.i meet hundreds of people."
Pros: The people I work with the people I meet the up beat past and the challenge.
Cons: Stressful.can push people to the limit.always tired.

Team Leader, General in La Porte:
"Work place."
Pros: I get to coach people and teach them new things. And im in charge of crew and live giving people what they need which is good food even if it's fastfood theres nothing better than a meal made just for you and exactly how you like it..
Cons: To small of a store.