Test Engineer Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Test Engineer?

Test Engineer in Holtsville:
"Good company, just comes down to you individual group. YMMV."
Pros: Zebra as a company is pretty good. It really comes down to what group you are in.
Cons: I like Zebra as an organization and as a whole. However, the group and subsection I work in continually down sizes and keeps trying to cut costs. The employees are over worked and over stressed and the management team seems to ignore the problems and only see the dollar signs. It my group its not a very pleasant work culture. Other groups however seem pretty great, I want to stress that point.

Test Engineer in Fort Collins:
"Underappreciated and underutilized."
Pros: Broad discipline in a good company
Cons: Poorly considered structure, constant ethical compromise, lack of respect for serious safety concerns

Test Engineer in Rochester:
Pros: It’s home
Cons: Not a lot of major companies

Test Engineer in Hawthorne:
"It is OK."
Pros: The flexibility of my time and and the people I work with.
Cons: The pay scale needs more improvement.

Test Engineer in Rochester:
Pros: Small town and little traffic
Cons: Boring town

Test Engineer in Redmond:
"Could be better."
Pros: Job stability, flexible hours, nice amenities on campus.
Cons: Role stagnation, no investment from employer towards career development, language / culture barrier can be an issue at times.