Tool and Die Maker Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Tool and Die Maker?

Tool and Die Maker in Brookhaven:
Pros: Very quiet and friendly town
Cons: Not much to do activity wise...

Tool and Die Maker in Twin Falls:
"Steady work but pay is not equal."
Pros: Hours and weekends off
Cons: Uneven pay

Tool and Die Maker in Celina:
"Living in celina."
Pros: Low traffic, low cost of living, relatively safe.

Tool and Die Maker in Cincinnati:
"Keep Learning."
Work alongside the best, most experienced Journeymen and listen and learn as much as possible. Learn from your own and others mistakes. Don't be afraid to try new ideas and technologies and improve and integrate new ideas into your current job.

Tool and Die Maker in Houston:
"Maintenance die ,grinding tools, repair, troubleshooting."
Do the best you can do and team work.

Tool and Die Maker in Hoffman Estates:
"Benefits of working close to Hoffman Estates."
Pros: The benefits of working in Hoffman Estates are what any job targets have. I live close to work, so there isn't any large expense, which doesn't negatively impact my income. The convenience of working close to food and entertainment. My family, as well as my wife's family, all live close to me.
Cons: The traffic in the area can be an issue if the time of starting and finishing your shift matches up with rush hour.

Tool and Die Maker in Miami:
Tool and Die is always in demand. Always can find a job.