Training Instructor Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Training Instructor?

Training Instructor in Grand Rapids, Michigan:
"Love training others to better themselves."
Pros: Lots to do after work
Cons: Traffic is the worst part of working in Grand Rapids

Training Instructor in Atlanta:
"Past names, locations and turnover rate."
Know your audience, perform a diligent company research, and attend informal interviews with current and past employees of companies. If you love training people to perform a new task and engage in life-changing conversations and in training that will transform their lives, then you are in the right field.

Training Instructor in San Diego:
"Great People, short commute, Balboa Park, Mountains, ocean."
Pros: No snow to shovel just to get to work. Some traffic but short commute. Wide variety of cuisine. Ocean nearby. Mountains and forests nearby. Snow skiing 3 hours away.
Cons: Pay is out of alignment with housing costs.