Training Specialist Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Training Specialist?

Training Specialist in Washington:
Pros: Beautiful, historic, power-city
Cons: Traffic, commute

Training Specialist in Salt Lake City:
"Great location, tough job market."
Pros: The city and mountains.
Cons: The winter.

Training Specialist in Nashville:
"Enjoy it!"
Pros: Close commute to home. Job security.
Cons: Slow decision making process.

Training Specialist in Madison:
Pros: Lots of opportunities and a lot of science comapnies
Cons: Wish it was a bigger city

Training Specialist in Detroit:
"City Services."
Pros: It is enjoyable working in an urban area. There is a nascent recovery beginning in Detroit. The cost of living is not bad either. The Downtown and Midtown areas are enjoyable and safe.
Cons: Public transportation is dreadful. Police protection outside of Downtown and Midtown is not adequate.