Truck Driver, Heavy / Tractor-Trailer Advice

Q: What do you wish you knew about your job when you first started out?

Truck Driver, Heavy / Tractor-Trailer in Mobile:
"Free time not getting paid."
Hang in there, it's really tough starting out.

Truck Driver, Heavy / Tractor-Trailer in Sacramento:
The more chance you take the less chance you have.

Truck Driver, Heavy / Tractor-Trailer in Minneapolis:
"How non challenging it would be."
Not great with a family. Don't be impressed by your ability or even lack of. Don't be an impatient person, don't think it will be all roses. You have to work with idiots, and be managed by bigger ones. Remember when your associates start telling you how the company should be ran-and that the company is going to close--they are truck drivers. Be kind. De-escalate issues. Have a light perspective. Don't get rapped up in clicks or bs. Have a good day and a better tomorrow. Go to bed early. Pull over when your tired.take your time in freezing conditions. Don't follow bad examples of laziness when pre trip and post trip inspections are done. Write up faulty equipment. Refuse to drive faulty equipment. When they tell you Dave, or John, or Dennis ect does...tell them to get them to come to your location so they can drive it broke. Stand up for what is right. Make 70k + annually in many positions.

Truck Driver, Heavy / Tractor-Trailer in Nashville:
"Keep lt Moving America."
Take your time freight can be changed like appointments and such you can't be!

Truck Driver, Heavy / Tractor-Trailer in Denver:
"Be prepared for some long hours."
If you become a local delivery driver, just remember, you have no set time you'll be off everyday. Your day is over when you finish your deliveries. Some days you have a light workload, others they'll pile the work on. Don't even think about becoming the head coach of your sons little league team!! You'll miss more games than you'll attend! There's also unforeseen circumstances that can make your day longer. Like equipment problems, breakdowns, dealing with disgruntled customers, traffic, etc. Also, the dispatchers are always trying to push to get more out of you, So they try to make you feel like you're running behind all the time. So you're running around rushing all day. But trying not to mess anything up. Or worse, get into an accident. This makes for a stressful work environment. Best way to excel at this job....Dedicate yourself to your job, learn to love it, and get in good with the dispatchers. The higher ups go directly to them to see how you're doing.

Truck Driver, Heavy / Tractor-Trailer in Stockton:
"Too many hours."
Beware of other drivers, and road conditions. Be prepared for anything that may cause delay in work day.

Truck Driver, Heavy / Tractor-Trailer in Calexico:
Try to get into food delivery like sysco or tankers food grade milk those jobs are year round and good pay and local bit if you must then do 1 or 2 years OTR 48 states get some expierience and see the Country once u get some xperiens try your tankers raw petroleum.