Tutor Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Tutor?

Tutor in Tucson:
Pros: helping students understand math
Cons: pay

Tutor in Fresno:
Pros: Close to home
Cons: Not a lot of jobs

Tutor in Wichita:
"Tutoring at Sylvan."
Pros: The students
Cons: Pay and schedule

Tutor in Montgomery:
"Enjoyable as long as the pay is reasonable."
Pros: Nice students and constant learning
Cons: Poor pay

Tutor in Jacksonville:
Pros: Academic setting, flexible hours, allowed to study and do homework on the clock, allowed to use technology on the clock, allowed under 10 minute breaks as needed.
Cons: Demanding students, poorly written papers that are difficult to help with, low traffic for parts of the college term.

Tutor in Riverside:
"Helping others."
Pros: I like working with kids to help in areas they need help in, especially in science and mathematics.
Cons: The commute in the morning to the school is terrible because everybody is trying to take their kids to school.

Tutor in Silver Spring:
"Writing support in high school."
It takes time to build your reputation in a public school, especially with high school students, so be patient; learn as many different techniques for shaking up students' thinking patterns, which often result in them getting stuck.