UX Designer Reviews

Q: What is it like working as an UX Designer?

UX Designer in Philadelphia:
Pros: Co-workers, walking to work
Cons: The tech scene is not as great as everyone says it is.

UX Designer in Philadelphia:
Pros: People of equal level are great
Cons: Misunderstanding of tech jobs. Contract work and recruiters are rampant.

UX Designer in Brea:
Pros: Friendly Community
Cons: nothing

UX Designer in Chicago:
"Tough, but rewarding."
Pros: The city, people, and midwestern values.
Cons: Weather, commute,

UX Designer in San Diego:
"Nice weather."
Pros: Nice weather
Cons: Low pay

UX Designer in New York:
Pros: Great food everywhere
Cons: So many people

UX Designer in Grand Rapids:
Pros: Great city with lots of opportunities and growing every year
Cons: It's a smaller big city so the pay is a little under the national average.