UX Designer Reviews

Q: What is it like working as an UX Designer?

UX Designer in Atlanta:
"All the Pros and Cons of an Early Stage Start-Up."
Pros: Flexible hours, friendly team, lots of independence
Cons: Lack of product roadmap/slow release process, leadership issues and/or changes

UX Designer in Sunnyvale:
Pros: Bright people, campus, professional development, health programs
Cons: bureaucracy and academia mentality (low level of time and project management, slow pace)

UX Designer in Minneapolis:
"A consultancy that treats you like a human and not just bilable hours."
Pros: The team - management treats you like a human - making sure you’re happy in the work, and always there to support
Cons: The office itself isn’t the greatest but the culture more than makes up for it

UX Designer in Chicago:
"UX Designer."
Pros: People are supportive, good work-life balance, affortable
Cons: Lack of internet / information related companies

UX Designer in Santa Clara:
Pros: Flexibility and empowered to lead the product design. Being able to bring my dog is a plus.
Cons: Not as much collaboration is involved in the design process and most designers work in silos. There are way too many meetings that takes time away from my actual work time.

UX Designer in Seattle:
"Uncertain Future."
Pros: Work from home, flexible hours, benefits, PTO, discounts.
Cons: Invest in more UX Designers. Stop relying on your developers to design the applications. Decisions aren't driven by data or user research.

UX Designer in Carmel:
"Frustrating without ability to do user testing or a mentor."
Pros: People are held to account. It’s not just words. Lots of freedom to pursue ideas and take ownership.
Cons: I can’t get to actual users to perform usability tests or other user testing, no other UX person on my team, and not a lot of interaction with the team.