Video Producer Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Video Producer?

Video Producer in State College:
"Not enough opportunity, pay, for what this town costs."
Pros: I truly hate working in this town. I’m a townie and I can’t wait to get out. But the summers are nice.
Cons: Cost of living (directed at rich students) vs what employers pay. There is nothing to do almost ever. It’s one of the cloudiest places and it’s so depressing to be here.

Video Producer:
Glorified camera operator position. The job description stipulates greater responsibility and general ability than the position actually offers/requires. Reasonable benefits and fair compensation. Ability to do quality video work suffers from to sales culture that prioritizes high volume and immediate turn-around. Salespeople who dictate your work are paid a higher commission for media sales than for production work, so you tend to be stuck working with shoestring budgets. Think about your local auto dealership whose commercials still look like they were spit out in the 90s. Those ads still get made because salespeople are afraid to have the creative team rock the boat by messing with (i.e., improving) something that earns them a monthly commission. For these reasons, not an ideal position for someone hoping to build a quality reel. Would be a decent entry-level learning opportunity for someone with basic production skills, but I'm afraid Charter would always err on the side of over-qualification (rather than enthusiasm and potential to grow).

Video Producer in New York:
Pros: High visibility to my work around the country/world
Cons: Competitive/condescending environment

Video Producer in State College:
"Just bigger than a small town, but somehow even less to do."
Pros: Not too crowded
Cons: Nothing to do surrounded by nothing

Video Producer in Lewiston:
"High turnover, no communication."
Pros: Lots Of outdoor activities nearby. Nice small-town feel (if that’s your thing) Beautiful view surrounding the valley. Friendly people. Low cost of living. Mild winters. No traffic.
Cons: Hotter than most areas of the Pacific Northwest in the summer. The smell (pulp mill). Far from any descent sized city. Lacking in some of the staple businesses for a town it’s size. (I.e. Target, Fred Meyer, etc.) Small town feel. (If you’re not into that thing)

Video Producer in San Luis Obispo:
Unions can make relations w/ a company challenging. Best if you can find a company that doesn't require a Union to make its employees happy.

Video Producer in New York:
Valuable skills associated with this job include performing well under pressure.