Waiter/Waitress Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Waiter/Waitress?

Waiter/Waitress in Utica:
Pros: I love meeting new people everyday.
Cons: I honestly love everything about my job there is nothing that I would change.

Waiter/Waitress in Miami:
Pros: The freedom, easy hours, good pay.
Cons: Late houres, sometimes annoying customers.

Waiter/Waitress in Longview:
"Amazing I love People."
Pros: People. Pay. Co workers.
Cons: Number of Hr a week. Lack of benefits.

Waiter/Waitress in Nashville:
Pros: I love making customers happy and resolving their food issues. I also love the family atmosphere of our work environment. We all operate together as a single unit.
Cons: I feel as if a lot of the time if anything goes wrong the accountability never falls on management. It more so falls on the individual worker.

Waiter/Waitress in Rockledge:
Pros: I enjoy my job. Get to talk to senior and just have fun.
Cons: No just hate washing dish. And cleanings up some other .